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Embark on a transformative journey tailored to amplify your proficiency in technical exercise services. This foundational course, a culmination of over 30 years of dedication, goes beyond traditional methodologies to deliver tangible results. Delve into the intricate world of skeletal muscle and human motor control and their deep-seated connection to pain. By choosing this course, you're not just enhancing your knowledge; you're paving the way for a dynamic, impactful, and rewarding professional future.

This Course is Approved by the American Council on Exercise for 10.8 CEUs.

How Your Career Will Grow & Scale:

1. Identity & Self-Esteem: Grasp the significance of understanding your identity and its interplay with self-esteem in building a thriving practice.

2. Worldview & Body View: Comprehend how these perspectives shape your value system and influence your data interpretation.

3. Qualitative Client Interaction: Master the art of gathering nuanced information during client interactions.

4. Bias Recognition: Learn to identify and minimize biases, ensuring objective decision-making.

5. Value of Professional Relationships: Realize that clients seek more than sessions; they invest in lasting professional bonds.

6. Evidence-Based Approach: Learn data collection, corroboration, and scientific methods to interact with complex systems effectively.

7. Physics in Motor Expressions: Harness the power of physics to decode client motor expressions and pinpoint effective interventions.

8. Estimating Allostatic Load: Understand the concept of Allostatic Load and its role in determining resistance intensity and volume.

9. Qualitative Manual Assessment: Discover the significance of Motor Control Assessment in information gathering and decision-making.

10. Muscle Contraction Modes: Unravel the intricacies of isometrics, miometrics, and pliometrics, and their strategic application in enhancing motor control.

11. Bio-Motor Configurationalism: Grasp this body-view and its profound impact on assessment and intervention tactics.

Course Curriculum

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  Muscle System Specialist Course
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What You Get When You Purchase The Course

Thank you for investing in the Muscle System Specialist Course online. At Exercise Professional Education, LLC we believe that you have made an excellent decision to embark on this educational journey. The course experience and content will have a positive lasting impact on your professional career development.

Purchasing the course will entitle you to the following:

1.    Full access to the course content immediately upon registering.

2.    There is a cohort start offered several times per year. You can choose to start the course content with a cohort on the designated day and time. There will be 20 consecutive weeks (unless otherwise indicated – see the calendar on the www.exerciseproed.com website) where a one-hour review of the previous week's lessons will be facilitated by an approved instructor. This is highly recommended and we believe is the best way to experience the course content. This will allow you to ask questions, interact with other colleagues taking the course, and keep you on track to complete the course. If you cannot make some of the weekly meetings, each meeting is recorded and a link to the video will be sent to you.

3.    You will also receive three hours of practical training with an approved instructor. You will need to make arrangements with that instructor and travel to their location. It is highly recommended you take advantage of this. If you cannot get to an approved instructor then please make arrangements for a ZOOM process. Contact [email protected] to initiate the request.

4.    You can download all of the documents that are in each of the course sections for your personal use. Please feel free to put your company name on those documents you wish to reflect your brand. After completing Section 13 you will receive a link to a file that has the client file documents and other relevant documents.

5.    After Week 14 you will be able to download the EPE Referral App from the App Store where you can invite your colleagues to invest in the MSS Course Online and receive $100 when they register. Be on the lookout for emails and texts informing you of this opportunity.

6.    Following Week 15 you can participate in the Private Facebook for Muscle System Specialists. You will need to friend Greg Mack on Facebook and then you will be invited. Here you can interact with other colleagues, participate in discussions, read posted research articles, and be kept abreast of events and other courses.

7.    You will have access to the MSS online content for one year after the last day of your cohort - Week 20.

8.    Following completion of the Muscle System Specialist Online Course you will be eligible to take the Written and Practical Examinations to achieve Certification as a Muscle System Specialist. It is recommended that you purchase the Examination Review Pack available at www.execiserproed.com. This will ensure you have a thorough understanding of what is expected on the written and practical exams. The written exam can be taken online. You will have to make arrangements to meet with an approved instructor for the practical exam - the practical exam cannot be performed on a ZOOM call. Contact [email protected] for more details if, and when, you are ready to take the practical exam.

9.    You will be able to take any MSS or EPE Advanced Course.

10. You will be part of a growing community of genuinely curious, lifelong learners, about everything exercise and all of its potential.

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Exercise Really Is Medicine

The Muscle System Specialist Course represents 30 years of professional work and experience in the medical-fitness continuum.

It contains new and exciting quantitative and qualitative processes for observing and interacting with an individual's unique motor system and using exercise to help individuals with pain and other sensations they don't like.

Meet Your Instructor and Course Developer

Greg Mack's deep-rooted experience in the fitness industry shapes the unique perspective of this course. In 1991, he attended the IDEA Personal Training Summit, where Dr. Jeff Bensky highlighted the "baby boomer" generation's desire for personal trainers to align with their doctors. Inspired, Greg became a certified trainer through the American Council of Exercise and founded Physicians Fitness. For over three decades, this company has bridged the gap between the medical community and fitness professionals, despite the challenges posed by differing academic and professional standards.

Greg's vision for Exercise Professional Education was influenced by his time assisting physicians in a sports medicine clinic. He recognized the need for specialized fitness programs for patients recovering from medical conditions. This insight led to the creation of Physicians Fitness and the co-founding of Muscle System Consortia LLC, both dedicated to enhancing the understanding of skeletal muscle's role in overall health.

With a diverse background, including graduation from the US Navy's Nuclear Engineering Program, achieving qualification as a U.S., Navy Diver, and certifications like ACE-Personal Trainer and ACE-Medical Exercise Specialist, Greg has developed the Muscle System Specialist™️ Training and Certification Program. He's an acclaimed educator, having taught various industry courses regarding functional anatomy, exercise mechanics, physical assessment, and more. He is a prolific writer with publications in notable fitness magazines. Greg's dedication to the field was recognized when he received the IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year Award in 2003 and chaired the IDEA Personal Trainer Committee.