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With 30 years of experience in the medical-fitness space working with, and alongside, medical professionals from a wide variety of practice specialties, Greg has seen first hand the power of appropriately designed and dosed exercise to help individuals with pain and movement issues associated with painful conditions. He has spent his entire career exploring and learning about how, and when, and when not, to leverage exercise's inherent potential to improve the quality of life of an individuals reporting pain.

This information has been distilled and organized into the comprehensive Muscle System Specialist Certification Course.

The Exercise and Pain Course is a great introduction to the philosophy and methodologies underpinning the full Muscle System Specialist Course. This course will share the thinking, strategies, and tactics necessary for an exercise professional to know if, when, and how to use exercise to assist someone with pain.

Here is what students are

saying about their course experience:

"I feel it will change the perspective I have about exercise and pain management"

"The results that showed instantly and it is applicable for trainers like me looking to help people with pain"

"Learning, applying, and having my mind blown!"

"The amazing simplicity of the process yet practicalness of the process."

This is a hybrid course meaning that the student will first do the on-line component via a Zoom meeting, facilitated by an approved instructor, and then need to go to an approved location and attend three hours of supervised practical instruction based on the content presented in the course workbook.

Here are the approved locations and instructors for the practical experience:

Columbus, OH (Greg Mack and Charlie Rowe)

San Diego, CA (Hope Gaston)

New Market, Ontario, Canada (Bandon Green)

Houston TX (Dominick Nusdeu)

Austin, TX (Brandon O’Connor)

Naples, FL (Jay Weitzner)

Shelton, CT (Tim Livingston)

Woodinville, WA (Seattle) (Curtis Van Wyck)

Milwaukee, WI (Andrew Hoppert)

The course fee includes this practical experience.

The student is responsible for all travel and accommodation expenses to get to the practical component location.


Exercise and Pain: A New Perspective

Exercise and Pain

An Introduction to the Philosophy, Strategies, and Tactics

for Assessing and Improving Bio-Motor Control Quality.

By Greg Mack, ACE-CMES, CMSS

Course Objectives:

1.    Identify the dilemma of addressing client subjective and objective problems with their body as local sensation being interpreted as a local problem, and therefore only a local intervention or solution is implemented.

2.    Explore the hypothesis that there is a potential relationship between the quality of bio-motor control and the client’s physical sensations. 

a.   Literature review regarding motor control and physical sensation.

3.    Introduce new definitions and terms.

4.    Address the controversy surrounding non-licensed practitioners (i.e. personal trainers) interacting with individuals with disease and subjective reports of pain within the exercise process.

5.    Introduce the concepts and skills for becoming a Muscle System Specialistâ (MSS).

Course Goals:

1.    Learn new skills you can use to assess and possibly improve your client’s bio-motor control quality.

2.    Contextualize the use of exercise and its potential to impact individual sensations like pain.

3.    Create an open dialogue, share new ideas, and innovative ways to exercise. Rethink Exercise!â .

4.    Rethink Your Career by Rethinking Exerciseâ.


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